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12:03pm 25/12/2008
  I found this somewhere on the internet.

Merry X-mas y'all!
Spiderman saves babies!   
11:38am 18/11/2007
  This is just pure awesome.

A five year old boy in Brazil, saves a one year old girl by rushing into a burning house and pulling her out.

The boy was dressed as Spiderman.
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24 Hour Comic Day 2007   
11:50pm 24/10/2007
  Ok, I've decided that I hate everyone. As such, I'm going to inflict horrible, horrible amounts of pain on you, with my 24 hour comic.

Just a slight explanation, the first five pages were the comic I started on. However, I had no idea where it was going, and I didn't know if I wanted it to be serious or funny. This is about the point I decided it was shit and wanted to do something else.

That's when things rapidly went downhill.

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Xanaphia Nailo   
03:09pm 14/10/2007
  Ahhh, been a while.

Anyway, I drew this pic of a friend's WoW character, and I'm pretty proud of it.  The armour is bolted onto her bones, which is pretty gnarly.

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Neil Morowicz's Plan for World Domination   
06:30pm 02/04/2007
  I have finally printed my first comic.

The Perth Comic Community has released it's second wave of comics and I decided to be in on this one, as I chose not to print my horrendous 24 hour comic (which can be found some posts below).

The basis for this comic is actually a long winded and stupid plan for world domination, devised by me and my friend James Dadd during high school science classes.

I also did this entire comic in 12 days, which I think is a pretty decent achievement. Now if I can only do that much work without having a looming deadline.

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01:50pm 12/02/2007
  Wow, been a while since I updated.

I just got broadband last week though, so it's all cool now.

In other news, I've entered the SPA Idol competition that radiotak won last year.  I don't have hopes on winning, more for just fun and to see what people think.

One thing that annoyed me though was that they shrunk my cover down to a really small, pixelly size.  So to counter that, I've decided I'll upload a big, honkin' huge cover here for everyone to scrutinize it's tiny, tiny details.

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Sexy foxgirls   
04:56am 18/12/2006

I haven't posted in while, and with good reason.

For those who are interested, I have recently moved out of home.  I feel great and am generally happy with the move, save for one thing.  No internet access.

I'm living in Maylands now and, apparently, all the ports at my nearest exchange are taken.  It won't be known when the exchange will be upgraded, but they are hoping for early 2007.  Which means it'll be a very long time before I can get broadband access.  I am now on dial-up, using a laptop without a mouse, and it is a painful change from the speed and ease of use I'm accustomed to.

So I probably won't be posting a whole lot, but I don't think I've kept my journal regular enough for that to matter anyway.

Also, inspired by Monsignor Kealley's deviance, I drew up this quick comic.




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06:18pm 15/11/2006
  Another quick sketch, this time rendered in all the colours of the grey rainbow.

The character is named Jibs Monteef, and he explores dimensions. I liked the pic a lot better when I drew it, now I just think the coat looks weird.

The Zombie Choir   
06:43pm 14/11/2006
I've been drawing a lot of zombies lately, and nearly all of them look like they're singing.  You see, zombies always have their mouths open, so that they might communicate their lust for brains.

Anyway, this song popped into my head, so I felt I should combine the two.  Give voice to the otherwise voiceless zombies.

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She has no nipples!   
07:35pm 12/11/2006
Ok, the reason I haven't posted much artwork is that I never really do any proper, finished art.  I just sketch mountains and mountains of crap.

So, in lieu of something polished, I'll just upload a (unusually clean) sketch page.

Ok...I admit, the only reason I posted this was because of the weird guy in the moogle costume.

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01:41am 02/11/2006
Hmmmm...I should probably post in this journal more.

Anyway, for posterity, I shall post this piece of fan-art I did for Grug's comic Garboury Island.

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Yet more 24 hour garbage.   
05:11pm 14/10/2006
  Ok, this is the last 24 hour related thing I post.

After I finished my actual 24 hour comic, I was somewhat displeased with it, so I decided I'll do another (which is generally a stupid idea).

The comic was to be called "The Stupendous Adventures of the Gentleman Scientist, Scientifico Randygaff, and his Stalwart Companion, Jibsley".

I got about 4 pages in and decided that, yes, it was a pretty stupid idea to attempt another one. The 4th page isn't finished and it never shall be.

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24 Hour madness.   
08:34am 14/10/2006
  Ok, after doing a 24 hour comic, the most sensible thing to do is not draw any more comics for a while.

I, being a not-very-sensible person, decided to just go ahead and draw more stuff as soon as I got back home (it did take me a week to muster up the effort to letter it though).

So here is a collection of memories of the event, in comic form.

Apologies to anyone if I got their names or likenesses totally wrong. I was having trouble remembering exactly what went on, let alone what people looked like.

A lot of this probably won't make sense, much like the actual night itself.

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24 Hour Comic GO!   
10:55am 11/10/2006
  Ok, I'm new to this whole, Livejournal bizzo, so go easy on me.

I did the Perth 24 Hour Comic challenge last weekend. It was much fun and I got to meet some crazy people.

Unfortunately, custom dictates I must make my comic available for people to read, hence my need to use this cruel Livejournal contraption.

The official title of my comic is "Some Crazy Shit About a Statue". On reflection, perhaps it wasn't the best of names, but it was chosen at about 5:00 in the morning, and I was pretty annoyed with my comic at that point so I just gave it the first title that came into my head and passed it on.

Alright, here goes.

Some Crazy Shit About a Statue


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